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The Reserves Network (TRN) follows a simple, but important, philosophy – to care for the people and communities they support by offering best-in-class staffing services to a multitude of industries, including the office, industrial, professional, and technical markets.

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Solving the Talent Crisis with Mobile Technology

Faced with long-term labor shortages, staffing agencies are forced to compete for dwindling talent. In this hyper-competitive environment, trying to simply out-recruit your competitors to win over new candidates isn’t going to work. The Reserves Network decided that they needed to better engage with their existing talent base and improve redeployment rates to meet employment demands. To improve talent loyalty, they rapidly evolved the way they did business by engaging with their workers in the same way – using the same mobile technology – that their employees use to engage with the rest of society.

“Talent wants something that’s easy to work with and at their fingertips. They’re expecting that from every point in their life, including when they look for a job.”

Elise SpauldingDirector of Learning & Performance, The Reserves Network

With the launch of a mobile app, custom branded as ReserveAJob, TRN was able to provide a seamless, end-to-end talent experience, offering candidates full support throughout their employment journey with the convenience of anytime, anywhere connectivity. From a user’s smartphone, candidates can have one-touch access to the agency’s business. And the app’s user-friendly interface makes it almost as easy to search and apply for a job as it is to reserve an Uber.

By deploying the app, TRN was able to provide their employees with the same control, convenience, and ease of use that they have come to expect in other facets of their daily lives.

How Mobile Technology Answers the Talent Challenge

With its mobile solution, all transactions – from application and onboarding to timekeeping and pay – can be managed within one location, easily accessed from your phone’s touchscreen. This mobile solution also seamlessly integrates with AviontéBOLD – the company’s long-term system of record.

TRN uses its powerful mobile job app to:

  • Distribute job opportunities to an unlimited number of candidates
  • Enable candidates to easily review job details and express immediate interest
  • Find the best-fit candidates with greater speed and efficiency
  • Simplify the ability to accept offers
  • Easily share onboarding details, such as site maps, hours, policies, etc.
  • Provide employees with easy and more transparent access to pay status, W2s, and payment history, eliminating unnecessary payroll inquiries

By deploying mobile-first talent enablement technology, TRN built a streamlined employment process that allows for a greater number of qualified candidates to find and apply to the positions that best match their skills and schedules, while helping recruiters fill client orders for critical talent with greater speed and efficiency.

“Utilizing the mobile talent app, we were able to re-engage with talent already existing in our database, reaching 45% more candidates than we were with traditional recruiting methods.”

Leisa Stallard Director of Operations, The Reserves Network

The Reserves Network Achieves Positive Outcomes with a Mobile Solution

Upon launch, TRN immediately experienced an increase in talent retention, referrals, and redeployment rates. With an intuitive user-interface, TRN’s simple mobile platform empowers candidates to self-select the jobs and shifts that best meet their employment needs. By providing control over their own employment journey, talent reliability improved with an almost 50% increase in show-up rates, reaching as high as 90%. In fact, after 18 months, nearly 95% of candidates who have the mobile app continue to use it every day — all of which reduces job board costs, improves speed-to-fill, and increases profitability.

Recruiters can also use the app to find qualified leads more effectively in their database and reconnect with existing talent — all of which, taken together, reduces job board costs, improves speed-to-fill, and increases profitability.

The mobile app also helps attract a larger pool of candidates with greater speed and efficiency. Historically, it could take days for The Reserves Network recruiters to connect with enough candidates to fill client orders. But, with use of the mobile app, TRN can broadcast mass opportunities within seconds.

Today’s talent expects to be treated as consumers, with greater autonomy and control over their own employment experience. Loyal employees show up – and – as importantly – come back! The Reserves Network responded to these new talent expectations by delivering a powerful mobile app that provides complete end-to-end candidate support across the entire employee journey. By enhancing the candidate experience through a mobile talent enablement solution, TRN earned a competitive edge, positioning its business for future profitability and growth.

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