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What if you could leverage mobile technology to create a digital talent marketplace that instantly connects new opportunities with available talent and builds an ongoing experience that motivates workers to keep returning for more?

With the innovative use of a mobile app, F|Staff did just that! As a leader in mobile-based, on-demand truck driver staffing, the company built a next-gen mobile app that directly connects available drivers to carriers with open trucks, creating a complete, digital talent experience all in one place.

F|Staff Case Study

By adapting their business to the way people want to work, the firm is filling trucks faster while saving their recruiters valuable time and energy so they can concentrate on building better relationships with both drivers and clients. In fact, the company has achieved such success with mobile technology that it is now rapidly expanding into new markets.

And, since the firm’s on-demand staffing model is applicable to any industry, recruiting agencies in all sectors are paying close attention!

The Company

For over 20 years, F|Staff has been a trusted provider of innovative driver staffing solutions, matching professional truckers with flexible CDL jobs that best fit their qualifications, needs, and preferred schedules.



Operates in U.S. Primary Markets




The Challenge: Inefficient Staffing Models Result in Costly Delays

The trucking industry has a problem: there are more available trucks than there are truckers to drive them. In 2021, the ATA reported that the trucker shortage left 80,000 jobs vacant, and this number is expected to reach an all-time high of 160,000 by 2030.

In addition to this challenge and before deploying a mobile talent solution, F|Staff was feeling crippled by its outdated staffing model, which would force recruiters to manually match new opportunities to drivers with the right qualifications.

Rather than being an effective conduit, these manual processes meant that recruiters were getting in the way of building a more instantaneous staffing experience, leading to unnecessary delays. In fact, it could take several hours – or even days – for recruiters to fill seats and get drivers moving. 

So why not let carriers with open jobs connect with qualified drivers directly?

F|Staff Product Screenshots

The Solution: How Mobile Talent Enablement Is Solving the Driver Staffing Challenge

Knowing that tech enablement was key to solving many of these staffing challenges, F|Staff partnered with WorkN to build a customized, mobile app that allows carriers to define and post jobs directly to the site within seconds. Truckers can then use the app to self-select the available shifts they want, when they want them, easily through their mobile device – placing hiring power in the hands of carriers with empty seats to fill and giving available drivers the freedom to choose the jobs they want.

“Out of the gate, F|Staff connected one customer with 6 drivers in less than 30 seconds. Prior to the app, it would take hours, if not days, to fill the same number of seats.”

Jessica FreemanTech Liaison, F|Staff

More Control Equals a Better Employment Experience

Modern technology has enabled a new generation of drivers to enjoy a more flexible, on-demand job experience – one that lets them choose when and where they want to work.

By allowing drivers to self-select the jobs they want, when they want – and for how much money they want – all using a convenient and easy-to-use mobile app, F|Staff empowers their truckers to drive more hours, make better pay, and work around their own schedule.

“Drivers want the convenience to pick the jobs they want, when they want, and control how much revenue they bring in for their families. And that’s how we’re going to rise above our competitors.”

Jessica FreemanTech Liaison, F|Staff

And with first-come, first-serve access to jobs, F|Staff saw a significant increase in driver engagement. In fact, since its launch, over 90% of their drivers are exclusively using the app to select jobs and are returning over and over for new opportunities.

Automating Manual Tasks Allows Time to Focus on What’s Most Important – Customer Service

With truckers repeatedly self-selecting open jobs and shifts through the app, F|Staff recruiters no longer need to focus so much of their time finding and placing available drivers. And, with push notifications, they can also instantly alert a larger group of relevant drivers about new opportunities. By cutting down the amount of time it takes to find and place drivers, recruiters at F|Staff can do more to support their truckers and clients. Prior to the app, one agent could manage only up to 70 drivers at once. But since the app was rolled out, each agent has been able to efficiently manage up to 120 drivers – an over 70% increase in their capacity.

Thanks to this, F|Staff doesn’t have to hire additional recruiters to manage its growing pool of drivers and can focus on what’s important – building better relationships with their truckers and carriers to keep them coming back and referring their agency to others.

“As a staffing provider, we care about the relationships with our clients and workers. And so that’s why we believe in tech enablement. We want technology to support our relationships so we can have good ones. And if you have good relationships, you have referred business.”

Justin ClarkeCEO, F|Staff

The Result: The Road Ahead for Staffing Is Smooth with Mobile Technology

F|Staff follows a simple philosophy – people and technology work best together.  

In a time when other staffing companies are struggling to stay afloat, F|Sfaff has found a way to thrive. The secret? While lots of people are still theorizing about the benefits of applying gig economy structures to staffing, F|Staff is doing it in practice, building a true online talent marketplace through the innovative use of mobile technology! And with an app that is already growing in popularity, their agency is well-positioned to win a monopoly over the existing pool of available drivers across the U.S.

With an on-demand staffing model, F|Staff can also expand rapidly to new markets without building physical branches. Currently, F|Staff has a presence in over 20 major US markets, including Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago with plans to expand to 6 more major US markets by the end of this year. And, over the next three years, the company plans to have a presence in every major marketplace across the US!

“Because we invested in the technology to provide our carriers and drivers with a much better experience, we’ll want nothing more than to grow into new markets. And that’s how we’re going to beat the competition. We don’t need branches. We don’t need new offices. We can expand in another city without building new infrastructure – and simply leverage virtual sales and recruitment to support growth.”

Justin ClarkeCEO, F|Staff

What makes F|Staff’s evolution so exciting is that their work on-demand model can be applied to all staffing segments. So, what’s the lesson for other staffing firms? Get in early, be relentless in driving change, pay close attention to the needs of your talent, and bring your clients along for the journey! By doing so, you can position your agency for rapid growth.

Thanks to WorkN’s ability to deliver a highly customized and scalable mobile talent solution, it’s a smoother road to success for F|Staff.

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