Your Talent Wants to Be Treated like a Customer

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Today’s Talent Demands More. So Should You.

Through everyday experiences with consumer apps, the bar has been raised when it comes to technology and customer experience. Your talent expects technology to be:


Remove pain points and create a seamless candidate experience.


Allow candidates and clients to remain informed across all stages of employment.

Real Time

Engage with talent in real-time and at their convenience with automated messaging.


Gain the many benefits of deploying a total talent mobile app.

How Does This Benefit Your Talent?

Look at the journey through the eyes of your talent, Jessica (a nurse), and see how using WorkN improves her talent experience.

Recruitment and Initial Interest

Our SmartLink technology and user-friendly interface encourages more app downloads, getting interested candidates engaged faster to search and apply for relevant openings.

Jessica’s Situation

  • Jessica feels like her employer is indifferent to her and thinks it’s a good time to look for other opportunities.
  • Jessica receives a text with a job description that matches her skills and interests. A SmartLink allows her to enroll into the WorkN platform in seconds. 
  • Jessica is able to explore job opportunities that match her skills and preferred schedule. 
  • Jessica uses Quick Apply to demonstrate interest.

Engagement and Placement

From application to onboarding, our mobile-forward technology creates frictionless processes that simplify all stages between recruitment and placement.

Jessica’s Benefits

  • Jessica can accept a relevant opportunity from highly curated job listings carefully pushed to her device.
  • From the convenience of her phone, Jessica can complete all of her onboarding activities.
  • Jessica can control her work experience with calendar sync, push notifications, and job details.

On Assignment

Our user-friendly timekeeping interface and automated check-in messaging service ensure a more satisfactory on-the-job experience.

Jessica’s Benefits

  • Jessica enjoys full control and autonomy to track her time on her personal device
  • Jessica can provide feedback directly about her work experience 
  • Jessica is able to easily access and download her pay information and all tax-related documentation


Re-engage your talent before completion of their current assignment. Redeploying your existing talent creates value for all stakeholders.

Jessica’s Benefits

  • Prior to assignment completion, Jessica receives notifications of new and relevant opportunities she may be interested in
  • Jessica is able to provide job referrals to the staffing firm through the app

The Impact of Mobile Technology

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Better Outcomes for Recruiters and Clients

Create a Better Talent Experience

Reduce High Job Placement Costs

Our mobile platform alerts talent of new and relevant opportunities as their current assignment nears completion, improving redeployment rates and lowering job board costs.


Expensive job board costs by leveraging your existing talent pool

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Let the App Do the Work for You

Our automation increases gross profit per recruiter. Users will love how the app engages talent to generate “interest” and distribute “offers” in real-time when needed.


Time lost through transactional phone calls, emails & text.

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More Time to Nurture Talent Relationships

With AI-enhanced messaging capabilities, free up your recruiters’ time to focus on nurturing candidate relationships.


Your recruiter’s time to concentrate on value-added work.

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Don’t Be Overshadowed by Competitors

Remain a step ahead of your competition by delivering best-in-class mobile technology that provides a seamless end-to-end workflow experience.


Talent loyalty, reliability, and re-engagement, ensuring faster time-to fill

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Today’s workforce desires flexibility and autonomy to search for and accept jobs and engage with us in real-time on their mobile phones. In partnering with WorkN, Staffmark Group’s digital marketplace, WorkNow, connects the workforce with our customers in real-time, while seamlessly integrating with our front and back-office operations. The benefit is tremendous not only to the workers and our customers, but it also boosts the productivity of our recruiters, allowing them to spend more time servicing customers.

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