Transforming CX-Tech Solutions For The Staffing Industry.

Our world-class software systems are designed to help match employers with today’s workforce—by removing the friction points that reduce performance. We offer white-labeled, online SaaS staffing platform featuring fully-integrated mobile apps.

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  • Why Clients Love Us:
  • Increase GP per Recruiter
  • Increase Redeployment Rates
  • Increase Fill Rates

What Makes WorkN Different?

The WorkN difference is built on four key drivers: Our passion for the customer experience, our proven expertise, our focus on thought-leadership, and our SaaS platform capabilities.

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Online Staffing Customized For Your Needs

  • WorkN partners with Staffing Firms to build a mobile strategy and to create custom, white-labeled apps that allow for comprehensive in-app experience for candidates and workers while creating organizational efficiencies

  • WorkN has deep integrations with leading Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and an open API platform, providing the capability to integrate with leading tech partners to deliver the Total Candidate Experience in-app

  • WorkN will help your staffing firm differentiate itself through the support of a
    client portal – which allows self-service order entry and complete transparency into workforce management- including scheduling, time tracking, and reporting

Why WorkN?

Because CX matters. Perfecting a Total Candidate Experience creates a highly effective organization that impacts the bottom line.

Increase Recruiter Productivity

Automating the “busy work” results in increased Gross Profit per Recruiter, and more recruiting time focused on servicing customers. Recruiters use the platform as a recruiting tool, and love the flexibility to engage talent to generate “interest” or to distribute “offers” in real-time – we understand that not every position will be distributed “on-demand”.

Improve Redeployment Rates

Curating talent pools ensures that talent receives in-app push notifications about new opportunities and offers in real-time, leveraging WorkN’s patented Worker Ranking technology with algorithmic matching to ensure that the phone “wakes up” for relevant opportunities. WorkN provides the platform to build a robust Total Candidate Experience in the app, giving talent more autonomy and flexibility.

Automate the Busy Work

The impact to time savings is immeasurable across various roles in the organization, allowing your team to be more proactive and less reactive. Quick wins include automation of scheduling to replace spreadsheets, and push notifications that replace old methods of communication like mass texting, hammering phone calls, and sending emails for recruitment.

Create Competitive Advantage

Leverage WorkN’s Client Portal to allow clients to enter orders and benefit from real-time access and transparency into workforce management, timecard approvals, geofencing, and worker performance metrics. Staffing firms can customize the levels of controls for each Client Portal to meet their unique needs.

Placing Talent In The Center Of Your Tech-Stack

WorkN delivers a powerful marriage of mobile-first technology with industrial grade workforce management that delivers a scalable mobile solution to engage with your customers on their terms, in real time.

Average Rating of WorkN Apps



Over 572,517 Workers engaged on WorkN apps



Over 2,009,460 jobs scheduled through WorkN apps

An Enterprise Partner since 2018

“Today’s workforce desires flexibility and autonomy to search for and accept jobs and engage with us in real-time on their mobile phones. In partnering with WorkN, Staffmark Group’s digital marketplace, WorkNow, connects the workforce with our customers in real-time, while seamlessly integrating with our front and back-office operations. The benefit is tremendous not only to the workers and our customers, but it also boosts the productivity of our recruiters, allowing them to spend more time servicing customers.”

– Forrest Wagner, CIO, Staffmark Group


Don’t see your ATS on the list?

WorkN offers the flexibility to integrate with your ATS using WIL (WorkN Integration Layer).

Core Capabilities

WorkN’s platform is highly configurable, with industrial grade workforce management capabilities that are designed for scale.

White-Labeled App

Custom branded iOS and Android App for your business.

Administrative Controls

Maintain controls for access and security at various levels in your organization.

Worker App Enrollment & Onboarding 

SmartLink texting technology allows easy enrollment of workers onto your app.

App Brand Recognition & Recruitment

Low cost, high value means to attract workers to your app through digital recruitment, providing brand differentiation and marketing opportunities to attract talent.

Flexible Job Modes

Jobs can be presented to candidates in Offer, Interest, or Schedule Mode to align with use cases and recruiting workflows to attract, engage, and place talent.

Algorithmic Matching

WorkN’s Worker Ranking allows you to leverage your data to match based on profile and matching criteria to sequentially wake up phones and avoid spamming.

Data & Analytics

Live dashboards and comprehensive reports help guide real-time decision making. Analyze worker status, quality, distribution, revenue, and more.

ATS Integrations

Achieve widespread productivity gains with WorkN integrated to your ATS- eliminating duplicate entry and limiting change management.

Mobile Timekeeping

Turn your mobile app into a timekeeping solution that is simple and easy to use.


Using cellular triangulation, control where and when workers can clock in, providing added control and ease of mobile punch.

Client Portal

Allow customer access to enter orders through the app or web console,  providing clients full transparency and self-service opportunities.

Scheduling Dashboard

Robust dashboard for real-time scheduling and activities that represent critical stages of a job are available for both marketplace and enterprise system levels.


With our reseller program, together we sell the enterprise on the value of mobile on-demand solution to your clients while driving an additional revenue stream.

Open API

WorkN’s platform provides an open API and integrations with your preferred third party solutions such as your ATS, Time Clock, Onboarding tools, and more.

Customize the Total Candidate Experience 

Customize the in-app experience by leveraging candidate experience marketplace partner integrations.

Mobile-First Differentiation 

As the world is moving toward digital transformation,  differentiate your business while realizing efficiency gains & driving higher profitability.

Solving The Industry’s Biggest Problems

WorkN is 100% committed to our Staffing Industry customers and is here to help transform your business into the new world of work.

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