Our Story

WorkN founders Jake Rohn and Steve Blakely launched WorkN in 2015 with a strong vision to power a fundamental change in the way work is organized, coupled with a passion for helping people find work. WorkN first entered the market as a “gig economy” platform, bringing online staffing to the Staffing Industry, with a focus on creating custom, white-labeled mobile “on-demand staffing” for fulfillment of short term, “gig” work, making it possible for staffing firms to curate their own human cloud of talent in anticipation of customer needs. As the emergence of Uber Works and other mobile platforms posed a credible threat to the Staffing Industry, WorkN helped position the industry with capabilities to maintain competitive advantage and to differentiate themselves with clients and candidates.

Since inception, WorkN has continued to expand upon core online staffing platform capabilities to meet the unique needs of enterprise staffing companies, incorporating functionality to manage the distribution and fulfillment of long term contract assignments, robust scheduling, mobile-punch timekeeping, and customer order-entry.

WorkN embraces each client’s unique vision for their mobile strategy, which is why we offer flexibility through integrations and partnerships to the myriad of technology partners in their tech stack. WorkN continues to invest in building deep integrations to leading Applicant Tracking Systems, and to evolve platform capabilities to include features and functionality that contribute to a central in-app experience, which we refer to as the “Total Candidate Experience.” WorkN integrates with job boards to empower candidates to search and apply for jobs in the app and integrates with leading technology partners to bring other experiences into the app- including onboarding, background checks, video interviews, in-app chat, payroll providers, referral management platforms, SMS and in-app communications, and the ability to provide feedback and leverage candidate engagement tools.

With the global pandemic, the impact of Covid-19 is creating disruption in the “old way” of work. As the world is accelerating digital transformation efforts, WorkN remains committed to helping our Staffing Industry customers lean into digital transformation, curating their own “human clouds” of talent- to position themselves and their customers for rebound.

Our Leadership

Jakob Rohn


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Jakob is co-founder and CEO of WorkN. Together with co-founder and CTO, Steve Blakely, Jakob brings more than 20 years’ experience in building successful software companies. Started in 2015, the vision for WorkN came out of the desire to power a fundamental change in the way that work is organized. Prior to starting WorkN in 2015, Jake and Steve founded Capiche, a leading video staffing platform for language interpreters (acquired by Stratus Video), and Albridge Solutions, an investment management platform for Financial Advisors (acquired by PNC Bank). Jakob currently serves on the Board of Delta Data Software and the Advisory Board for University of GA Terry College of Business. Jake is a graduate of the University of GA- Terry College of Business and resides in Atlanta, GA.

Steve Blakely

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Steve is co-founder and CTO of WorkN. Steve brings more than 20 years of expertise in building successful software companies together with co-founder and CEO Jakob Rohn. Prior to starting WorkN in 2015, they founded 2 additional companies, including Capiche, a leading video staffing platform for language interpreters, and Albridge Solutions, a business management platform for Financial Advisors. Steve has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and resides in Atlanta, GA.

Jodda Perry

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Jodda is Chief Revenue Officer of WorkN. Jodda has over 20 years of experience in sales and sales leadership. Jodda is passionate about partnering with customers to create mobile strategy and help clients lean into digital transformation, to eliminate manual processes, and create amazing candidate and client experiences. Jodda is instrumental in helping our customers navigate the tech-stack and collaborate with partners to create a comprehensive in-app experience. Jodda is a graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges and currently resides in Atlanta, GA.