Fully-featured onboarding automation

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Able (formerly EmployStream)


2515 Jay Avenue, Suite 101,
Cleveland, Ohio 44113



Integration Overview

Able (formerly EmployStream) offers a fully featured onboarding automation platform to help staffing firms ensure all candidates have a world-class onboarding experience. The company’s cloud-based, mobile-first platform makes qualifying, hiring, and engaging candidates easy for everyone involved. Able can automate even the most complex of hiring workflows, so staffing firms can hire up to 90 percent faster at half the cost.

The Key Benefits

  • Automated Onboarding
    Automate the processes that stand in the way of getting candidates to work with configurable onboarding workflows, automated tasks reminders, and straightforward form management to meet your compliance needs.
  • Real-Time Candidate Data
    State and federal tax information, direct deposit information, along with other key data and documents are mapped back to Avionté in real-time, keeping candidate records up-to-date.
  • One System of Record
    Avionté remains your source of data truth, mitigating human error and inefficiency of multiple system maintenance.
  • Mobile-First Experience
    Candidates can seamlessly onboard on the go through Able’s mobile-friendly candidate UI, designed to offer a native experience on any device.
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