November 2019 (recording available on demand)

WorkN CEO Jake Rohn shares his perspective on the American Staffing Association’s Staffing Tech Insights Webinar: Managing Transformation With Deployment Platform

An update to the American Staffing Association’s Essential Elements of Staffing Technology, released in October, included a category for deployment platforms. These solutions have been at the center of many staffing firms’ digital transformation plans, and the category has been growing quickly—but just buying a technology does guarantee success. 

This webinar brings together supplier experts and industry practitioners to discuss how to make this technology work for your business.ASA chief operating officer Steve Berchem hosts Brian Delle Donne of Talent Tech Labs and panel of experts who will provide an overview of the newest features available with deployment platforms.

Webinar topics include:
What deployment platforms are and what they do
How to manage internal process changes required to make digital marketplace technology work
How to implement and integrate changes
How to measure your return on investment and evaluate your success

A recording of this Webinar is available on-demand to ASA Members here: