The Case for Mobile Hiring Webinar

In our current landscape of the gig economy, a Millennial-heavy workforce, and COVID-19, staffing firms need to meet candidates where they are in order to establish real relationships — and that’s on mobile. By going mobile-first in your recruiting, hiring, and onboarding efforts, you may just find yourself with better talent, better results, and better profitability.

The Webinar is hosted by Robert Mann, a staffing and recruiting professional who focuses on adding automation to agencies’ tech stacks, for a discussion on why you need to create a mobile-first brand- and how to start making the change now. This webinar’s panelists include WorkN President Ericka Hyson, Staffing Futures CEO Jack Copeland, and Jeff Staats, Head of Marketing for Talent Launch.

A recording of this webinar is available on-demand here