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Integrity Trade Services

Find out how high-growth staffing firm, Integrity Trade Services, transformed their business and saved over $130k a year by implementing Avionté. Integrity Trade Services was growing rapidly, but their existing system was unable to scale, keeping the staffing agency stuck in paper-based, time-consuming manual processes that limited critical employees’ ability to focus on strategic tasks.

The Company

Integrity Trade Services is a full-service, growing staffing firm with multiple offices throughout the Midwest and Southern regions of the United States.


Frankfort, IL

Skill Segments

Trades, Light Industrial, CDL, Office, Medical, Retail, Engineering

Previous System


Client Since


Number of Branches


Number of Internal Employees


The Challenge

Integrity was rapidly growing and their existing system was unable to scale with their business. Their legacy system kept Integrity buried in paper-based, time-consuming manual processes that limited critical employees’ ability to focus on strategic tasks.

  • Everything from checks and invoices to W-2s had to be manually printed, stuffed and mailed
  • The system was lacking integration capabilities, causing manual data entry from one system into another
  • Reporting was all manual, requiring administrators to create and generate cumbersome Excel spreadsheets
  • Integrity was self-hosting their legacy system, which meant that every maintenance issue had to be resolved in-house

The company was feeling the negative impact and strain from lack of streamlined processes and automation. They needed a software partner that would be responsive to their unique needs and provide them with the tools to efficiently scale their business.


“I cannot stress what a joy and a delight it is to work with Avionté…Our ‘dark days’ are behind us and I think implementing Avionté is one of smartest things we’ve ever done.”

Rishabh Mehrotra

The Solution

In Avionté, Integrity found a responsive and innovative partner that solved the challenges they faced. The processes that were positively impacted by Avionté included: onboarding, third party integrations, weekly payroll, invoicing, internal reporting, W-2 processing and distribution and self-hosted maintenance.

The Result

Trading in their outdated and manual processes allowed Integrity to reduce paper and postage by nearly 100 percent for payroll, W-2s and invoicing. They were immediately able to save over $130,000 per year in labor costs associated with these tasks. In addition to immediate and significant cost reduction, Integrity gained back its most precious resource: time. Branches are now able to focus on generating revenue and sourcing candidates. Most of all, administrators can focus on strategic tasks that allow Integrity to continue to grow and achieve its organizational goals.



reduction in invoice processing time

Internal Reporting


eliminiation of spreadsheet reporting
outside of the system

Self-Hosted Maintenance


reduction in system
self-maintenance time

Overall Perfomance

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