Online Staffing Success Story - Health Care Interpreting

by Parker Saunders

At WorkN, we love to see our customers making a difference in the Online Staffing space. Stratus Video, a provider of language interpreters, uses their custom version of the WorkN platform to create unique value for their customers like Lehigh Valley Hospital.

In just the past year, Lehigh has seen its interpreter engagement rise from the aforementioned 17% to an astounding 93% with the use of the tool. The organization attributes this unprecedented increase in staff engagement to reduced travel times between interpreter engagements, transparent scheduling, and a reduction in audio interpretation reliance, as staff interpreters are now easy to reach. At only 17% utilization, the interpreting team at Lehigh was a difficult expense to justify. In contrast, at 93% utilization, the organization was just approved to hire an even larger team of full time, staff interpreters. The need was always there, the application just helped organize and allocate resources in a way that made the interpreter team much more effective.

Check out this article to see more about how Lehigh Valley Hospital relies on the Stratus app and interpreting platform to manage their interpreting workforce.

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