Why Today's Employees are Shifting to the Contracted Workforce

by Parker Saunders

We are living in the middle of an employment revolution as more and more people transition from steady, full-time jobs to gig jobs that fit their interests and their schedule.  This new frontier of on-demand work means a future of entrepreneurs powering the U.S. workforce in new and innovative ways.  It opens up opportunities for both businesses and individuals in ways not imagined just a few years ago.

Why are workers shifting to the contractor workforce from employee work?


Unlike having a full-time job at a company, gig work allows people to work when they want and where they want.  They are not tied to a schedule set by someone else. They can select the job they desire, and they can choose how much they want to work.  Maybe they only want to work for an hour a day or for a few hours each week. They can easily find a job that fits their timeframe.

Interesting and Varied Work

Full-time employees work at one job at one company day in and out.  The work can easily become monotonous.  As part of the contractor workforce, people choose jobs that interest them.  And not just one job.  They might be a dog-walker one day, a secretary the next and a handyman the day after that.  When they are no longer interested in a job, they move to the next.

Work is Easy to Find

As the world becomes more and more digitized and nearly everyone has a smartphone, employers are able to easily advertise their work opportunities, whether their needs are nationwide or in a specific zip code.  Gig workers use their mobile apps to connect with jobs at the very time that the employer needs them filled.  It is a win-win for both parties.

If you are ready to revolutionize the way you coordinate and fill on-demand work, then contact our team. We are here to take your business to the next level and equip you with the technology you need to master the gig workforce.

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