Uberisation of Staffing for New Industries in 2017

by Parker Saunders

How will staffing evolve in 2017?

When you look at the current culture, the workforce dynamic changes for independent contractors/freelancers has become more than just a trend. Individuals are recognizing it as a major opportunity for new income, more autonomy, and more flexibility. Staying on top of personal bills are of the highest priority. Households that have families (including kids) are very keen and dependent upon stable incomes.

However, a growing social norm is shifting to individuals taking control of their jobs for a variety of reasons. Whether it is to spend more time with their families, or travel at will without losing out on income, contracted, freelance, and staffing jobs are becoming more of the “regular job” for many workers than the stereotypical 9-to-5 job.

Uber stands out as a trendsetting staffer for independent contractors/individuals stepping away from the basic job model. Uber, a staffing company? On paper, most people don’t exactly see the ride-sharing platform as a staffing company, but in practice, Uber’s model is to deliver their contracted workforce of drivers to individuals in need of the service (the ride). On a daily basis, individuals are starting to take advantage of this new model for on a part-time and full-time basis. While there is still an application process for people to complete before being accepted, the job market is pretty open resulting in positive job security.

Could this model that Uber is famously known for work in other industries? The answer to this question is yes!

Industries such as hospitality, journalism/bloggers, graphic design, skilled labor and others are starting to jump on board. Essentially this Uber model (when implemented effectively with a strong technological backbone) is beneficial for all parties involved:

The staffing firm will benefit from the ease of getting unfilled positions and shifts in front of workers for higher fill rates and faster time to fill enabling them for focus on their strengths in delivering the relational and “human element” of their services. With loyal clients and a stable business model suitable for their operation, staffing firms are predicted to be successful in delivering this dramatic innovation to an otherwise mature staffing industry.

Independent contractors and other workers employed by staffing firms are feeling motivated to work at their best on a daily basis. When someone chooses to make a stable income at a job that they love or simply supplement their income with on-demand work, having control of their work schedule is simply icing on the cake.

Consumers also benefit immensely from the Uber model in regards to efficiency and reliability. We are seeing many of the same benefits extended to customers of staffing firms today.

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