Serveture rebrands its Gig Economy platform to WorkN

by Parker Saunders

The name change reflects our place in the evolution of staffing to mobile-first workforces that tie customer and workers together in unprecedented speed, efficiency and best-fit while highlighting the value of the staffing company as the market maker.

WorkN was selected to reflect our ability to serve a wide array of industries, in different job modes (call-offs, scheduled shifts and longer term placements) and in flexibility - accommodating the rules, processes and preferences of underlying customers and workers.

“It is often referred to as the Gig Economy, but we think it is more. Uber and others jump started the change in the “gig” space but fundamentally this optimization will happen in a broader spectrum of working scenarios. WorkN was architected ground-up to power this transition by innovating the new mobile capabilities but fitting into the existing enterprise systems and processes that drive the staffing world today” said Jakob Rohn, CEO WorkN.

Most importantly the generic nature of the WorkN brand compliments staffing companies private labeling the platform with their own brand where WorkN is never seen by companies or workers.

The next 2-3 years will shape the winners in this new paradigm. Early adopters are moving now and the main brands will follow soon. We are pleased to play a partnering role with our customers in this change.

The WorkN Team

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