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October 31

Online Staffing Success Story - Health Care Interpreting

At WorkN, we love to see our customers making a difference in the Online Staffing space. Stratus Video, a provider of language interpreters, uses their custom version of the WorkN platform to create unique value for their customers in healthcare.

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May 29

Gig Economy Promotes Healthcare Staffing Upgrades

Growth of the Gig Economy and healthcare staffing go hand-in-hand.

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April 23

Why Today's Employees are Shifting to the Contracted Workforce

Many full time employees are adopting contracted work as their new normal. What motivates them to make the move?

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April 17

How Staffing Companies are Redefining Themselves for the On-Demand Economy

Approximately 40 percent of all workers will be independent contractors by 2020

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March 21

How to Form a Healthy, Long-Term Business Partnership - Hypepotemus

WorkN co-founders Jake Rohn and Steve Blakely have learned many lessons about an effective business partnership in their nearly 20 years working together. Check out the Hypepotamus’ article about their recipe for success.

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March 13

Shotzy Takes on B2B Photography Needs On-Demand

It’s a problem many businesses have: a need for quality photography with no internal resources to complete it. On-demand photography app Shotzy has the answer.

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February 22

Hospitality Staffing Solutions Launches First On-Demand Staffing Platform designed for the Hotel & Resort Industry

Atlanta-Based Staffing Company launches on demand staffing technology.

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February 14

Uberisation of Staffing for New Industries in 2017

The application of the Uber model to enable on-demand staffing needs is likely to revolutionize staffing in many industries for 2017.

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January 20

Serveture rebrands its Gig Economy platform to WorkN

Our mobile-first on demand staffing software is now officially called WorkN.

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