Launched in 2015, the vision for WorkN came out of the desire to power a fundamental change in the way work is organized. WorkN founders, Jake Rohn and Steve Blakely, have had years of experience in the tech industry. After developing multiple startups together they knew they weren’t finished creating and innovating. Seeing the obvious needs in the labor-management industry and knowing that technology could “connect the dots”, they created a solution that has the ability to change the staffing industry as we now know it.

WorkN was created with Jake and Steve’s passion for helping people find work. WorkN is a private-labeled marketplace platform that optimizes labor across multiple industry sectors, turning the labor force complexities into an easy, simple solution. The WorkN platform is ideal for labor that is typically in shifts or where time is being allocated. Bridging staff members with contractors and freelancers allow for staffing companies/market makers to benefit from a larger pool of workers in one digital location.


Jakob Rohn

Mr. Rohn is a passionate entrepreneur who has spent his career focused on SaaS platform solutions for professionals. In 1999 he co-founded Albridge Solutions with Steve Blakely as a business management platform for Financial Advisors
In 2007 when Albridge Solutions was acquired by PNC Bank the service was used to manage over 40 million investment accounts.
Once again partnering with Steve Blakely, Mr. Rohn co-founded Capiche, a leading remote video interpreting platform for Language Interpreters. Capiche was sold to Stratus Video in 2014.
Mr. Rohn serves on the Board of Delta Data Software and serves on the External Advisory Board for University of Georgia Terry College of Business. When he’s not working on technology ventures he loves outdoor adventures and spending time with his wife and three children in Atlanta.

Steve Blakely

Mr. Blakely is a veteran innovator who has a passion for building disruptive technologies. In recent years he was the main architect for a social operating platform for Facebook and Twitter.
He has worked on and co-founded several projects with partner Jakob Rohn including Albridge Solutions and Capiche. These innovative businesses led to strong exits freeing up time to spend with his three children and loving wife. When he’s not working on WorkN, formally Serveture, he enjoys the great outdoors.